Chicken Nipple Waterer DIY KIT - $15 (South Escondido)

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Chickens are certainly expert at fouling their water source. Which is why many people use nipple waterers.In the past we've used the typical metal cylinder that feeds into a metal tray. Sure it's a way to supply water but chickens are messy drinkers, by the end of the day the tray is filled with dirt, wood shavings, and even poop from the chickens that sit on top of the cylinder and do their thing.Chicken nipples are valves that dispense a drop of water whenever they are pecked. Industrial chicken-keepers have been using them for years, attached to long hoses that snake through their chickens' cages. The nipples keep the water clean and healthy.Chicken nipples are a must have for chickens because they keep the water supply clean. Chickens learn to use them quickly (they like to peck at things, after all).I used to just drill the pvc pipe and screw in the waterer nipple into the pvc. I find that the chickens tend to peck it to a point it starts to leak. My kit uses a threaded adaptor that fits the threaded waterer nipple, making it more secure and leak free.I am selling a DIY kit for you to have your own chicken waterer system similar to the one I set up for my chickens. The kit includes the following:(1) Four waterer nipple station with four nipples. (provides water up to 20-25 chickens)(1) Bulkhead adaptor to plumb your water container, (i.e. 5 gallon water bucket)You can customized the assembly using only 1/2 or 3/4 inch pvc pipe to plumb.I am selling the kit for $20.00 or $15.00 without the bulkhead adaptor.Location: South Escondido off Via Rancho Parkway ExitPlease email me if you are interested or have any questions.